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El Director sería NEILL BLOMKAMP, y el guionista D.B. WEISS:

11:49pm EST Aug 17th, 2007

HALO: The Movie is already filming (Release Summer 08)

Peter Jackson and 20 Century FOX told us all HALO was postponed sue to a lack of interest. No one believed that, but then the movie and all information about it disappeared from everyone's radar. HALO fans, as well as Peter Jackson fans felt let down and couldn't figure out how this project didn't make it.

Flash to E3 2007 where viewers and guests were treated to a trailer showing props that required a lot of work. We were then told it was just a promotional clip for Halo 3. No one asked why there was a LIVE ACTION clip to promote the game? Well XF did. Shortly after E3, images of full size Warthogs started popping up on the net. The public still didn't put 2 and 2 together. Now I know some of you did, but wanted proof to back up your theories.

Put your theories to rest. The movie is already in production. Those Warthogs are from the movie. D.B. Weiss (Lucky Wander Boy) handled the final script with Neill Blomkamp handling directing responsibilities. There really is a reason they came out of New Zealand. Think about it. Halo ... grassy rolling hills ... Peter Jackson? All we've learned so far is that the movie is set for release the Summer of 2008 and is planned to be heavily marketed. Again, this is confirmed. So sit back an relax Halo fans. Your movie is less than a year from being in theaters.

XBOX Family - Halo: The Movie Confirmed Summer 2008

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