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Nuevos contenidos para Forza 2 desde agosto hasta fin de año.

Asi lo confirman los de Turn10.

Forza Motorsport 2 is without the slightest doubt a nice all-around racing package for 360 gamers, featuring a robust online mode and an extensive single-player career with more than 300 cars. That impressive number of cars in the game is about to get even higher with the first batch of DLC planned to arrive on the Marketplace in August.

CVG has learnt from Turn 10’s Community Manager Che Chou that a series of downloadable content, including new cars and racetracks, will kick off on the XBLM sometime next month, and will continue all the way through to the year’s end.
Tienen planeado ir sacando contenidos desde agosto asta finales de año como: Coches, canciones, y mas cosas para descargar.

Forza Motorsport 2 is definitely here to stay. We’re also going to continually keep an eye on community and its successes and problems, patching and tweaking where we need to and rewarding those who are especially helpful or give back to the community.

The studio’s overwhelming community support is well reflected in the recent update which got rid of some nasty glitches and even the game’s features, specifically weekly tournaments and the Auction House.

No price point or any other specifics, apart from the August launch, were given. Look for more news on the Forza 2 DLC in the very near future.

Fuente: Xboxic