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Nuevas de halo 3 (video ingame incluido)


GN's Australian offices may have beat the US to the scoop when they posted their single player impressions of Tsavo Highway last week, but this is Halo 3 and it's my first time playing the single player campaign. It doesn't matter if you've already read about it. I'm going to write about it again anyway because getting to play Halo 3 is just that exciting. So here goes.

After a frantic day of running around the Leipzig Games Convention, IGN stopped by Microsoft's equally frantic press gathering to see if they might have anything special on display. Lo and behold, amidst the throngs of people rushing for the free beer and soda, there were a few Xbox 360s running Halo 3 for people to hop on and give it a whirl. Well, you could give it a try if you could get past the mass of people crowded around the limited number of screens craning their necks to get a good look. I did and my time with Tsavo Highway began.

You've probably already read the play by play of what the stage is like, so I'll refrain from being redundant as much as possible. If you haven't, I'll refer you once again to our Australian coverage. Instead, you'll just get a fresh set of impressions. A "Top 5" list will do nicely

Top 5 Leipzig GC Halo 3 Moments

5. Gawking at the Stationary Plasma Shield: A lot has been written about the disappointing look of the Halo 3 multiplayer beta that occurred earlier this year. There's little to complain about with the campaign mode, although some will surely find reasons to grumble. The design is quintessentially Halo, evoking a sense of nostalgia you wouldn't think possible from a franchise so young. Just when I was getting reacquainted with the Halo world, I came over a hill to spot a stationary plasma shield. These look awesome. The new look is a natural evolution of what we've seen in past Halo games, but the added effects plastered on it do the more powerful hardware justice.

4. A Suicidal Grunt: The Grunts are always looking for someone to protect them. Trios of them can be found following Brutes all through Tsavo Highway. Take out the Brute and the Grunts lose hope, as they've been known to do in the past. After taking out one Brute with a few shots to the head, a Grunt came running towards me like a raging bull streaming that all too familiar trail of someone that has been stuck by a plasma grenade. Whether he pulled them out himself or got stuck by a friend, I can't be sure. But he definitely didn't survive the resulting blast.

3. Setting the Mood: Tsavo Highway opens with a Warthog ride through a few caves before emerging onto a large, narrow battlefield. Driving through on the new weaponless version of the 'hog, I couldn't help but notice the great use of lighting to set the mood. Spotlights in all the right places, and some sweet lighting effects as I emerged to daylight produced a nice build-up of tension.

2. Brute Chopping a Brute: The Brutes may have brought a new vehicle to the party, but that doesn't mean the Chief can't use it against them. Hopping behind the wheel of the Brute Chopper for the first time is great. Running over a Brute with it is even better.

1. Booster Brute Punch: Several Brutes in Tsavo Highway like to make use of some nifty booster packs. With them, they'll try to get the higher ground, gain tactical positioning, or sometimes just hurdle themselves at you. One did the latter with great results…for me. After peppering it with assault rifle rounds, it came down directly into my swinging fist. The result was a smile on my face.

Halo 3's campaign is definitely fun. It's hard to compare Halo 3 to other shooters simply because of the flood of memories playing it brings up. Zipping up a grav-lift to take out a Jackal on top of a platform, busting out a fuel rod gun to take on a Covenant tank, watching smarter marines take up cover -- it's all classic Halo taken to the next level. Now bring on the four player co-op.


Hey dude thanks for writing this all up, I haven't read it all yet. I just have a question, is any of this going to be put on the internet? Were there cameras there?

Lukems says: Hey MC thanks for letting me use your post, I'm going to add Atkins Diet's impressions below so we can have this thread be a hub of discussion

Lukems says: Adding in Atkin's Diet's Impressions for great justice.

Ok, so Now that I saw the hole thing, let me fill in to you what I saw, some of which no one has ever seen.

*I made this at 1:41 when I got back. So I am re-editing it. hang in there. But I do have stuff that others do not have. And vis versa. FORGE is on my next post. Also, feel free to ask me anything an I will try to answer you.

Also, I saw this thing twice, which most people did not see. They exposed more in the 2nd one, but missed some from the first.

1)Bungie has a better looking game over all then Gears of war in darker lit conditions. No joke. Brighter conditions would also be better, but the sand and dirt still lacks what the rest of Halo has (the lighting is the best of any game ever seen from my eyes) in terms of looks. (Comparison guys.) Also, when you drive, you do not really make any tracks. The stuff being kicked up looks very good [from the wheels] but needs to last longer as it dissipates to fast. In real life sand or dry dirt would not take that short to settle, especially when moving that fast. The trails should be longer.

No more "oh look, there is the sky above this jelly like thin layer of water. Grass floats in the motion of the water, and does move even in water when you sift around in it. Grass graphics are ok, but move like it should. In other words, the hype is worth it from Frankie. It also has some excellent sound under there too.

3) Lighting effects are to amazing. Crysis what? They can not touch bungie on this front. you will see later on soon.....

4) Machine and Human models look overall better then in Gears of War. Some of the best looks you will see in the next gen market right now. Spartan and Arbiter Graphics looks superb, but grunt, jackal, and buggers look OK. I kind of wish they had the detail that your marines amazingly have too. They are great mind you, but nothing compared to the other guys I mentioned.

5)Size is still halo like. Nothing Big from what I saw. In other words, don't bye all the hype. What really makes the game look and feel big is the sky. Having a covie ship flying right by you shows how big the game is above. Granted, the game is much bigger then most games you will play with, but from what I felt, not as big as bungie proclaims. Or at least what the player has time to see.
EDIT: Perhaps I was to Critical. Its Bigger then Halo, even what you can play on. I think I was expecting to much. You guys will still like it.

6) Warthog graphics finally look real now. Before they looked like Halo 2.5. Now they look next gen and I welcome the change. Damage graphics are not bad. Better then almost any other FPS out there right now, or in the next 2 months. So its still very good, but nothing amazing compared to the rest of the game is what I am trying to get at. (Again, comparison guys.)

7) Brutes are easy and well, predictable. I Saw a lot of AI action when Frankie got the sniper rifle on the higher ground on the 2nd session. They take cover, they do good things, but I am still looking for what really makes Bungie's AI stand out to the rest of the World's AI. Mind you, Frankie played on Heroic, but the game was still so easy, and both of them hardly worked together too. If you are very good, or are above a 25 in Halo 2, you best stick with Legendary, as Heroic looks like something in between Heroic on Halo 2, and Halo 2's Legendary. They only died so much because They never stuck together, rushed to much, and Frankie sucks with the BR. (He is all over the screen but not on the target lol!)

7.5) They had very good animations, like when you snipe a Brute in the head. (only his head gets sent back, not like the elites which hold there tummys and bend over in halo 2. Lol) By the way, it takes 2 shots to the head to kill a brute with armor. ONE MORE EXCLUSIVE THING! Brutes barrel roll out of the way of grenades, and crouch really low. Think of Tom Clancy. They do that animation in about 1second. They also stand in the same spot to long. Why would you do that? To be fair though, they use equipment a LOT. They also try to out wit you, and the AI is still very good. Just nothing that is different from what we have seen in other next gen games so far from what I saw.

8) Buggers are better to fight. They still are annoyingly flying around, but are slower, and more spread out. They are super agressive, so you can not really run away, but they are easier to play, and thus more fun to kill. Its better this time around.

9) Grunts are not bad. They do a lot of damage on Heroic, and they seem to be more afraid of the arbiter, and talk to him more. I know because Frank and Luke where right next to one another when it happened. Interesting really.

10) jackals are still mean and hard, but not so hard. They seem weaker too. I don't like how the AI is handled to much with shielded jackals vrs Vehicles. It could be better. They are very much like Halo 2's E3 demo's AI, all in formation, and sharing the "follow his action" kind of brute thing. Oh, and Brute Packs consist of 12-15 Brutes.

12) Tree graphics FINALLY got updated, and look SO much better. Now they fit the next gen mark in my eyes.

13) PARTICLE EFFECTS ARE AMAZING! Very, very good. Muzzle effects are now what I call next gen, and the plasma weapons look like beasts. All expect for the Covie plasma turret. It was cool when he picked it up, but lame when he fired it we where like, ah. It looks like it could kill a horse, but then only spits a weak small plasma projectile out. Plus it looks like the plasma is just frozen to the gun on all 4 corners of the gun's muzzle. Plasma effects for it are still good for this gun, but the gun handles like weak sauce when you see that plasma's projectile leave and go to the target. Really, you will be like “Oh man, this gun is going to -blam!-!.....WTF? Why does it spit out this small stuff?”

14) Being Hit in the head when playing no longer flashes your screen with red. Instead, you get a electronic like error grid that is slightly transparent in the center of your screen, and is not to much of an annoyance. It also turns red if it is a heavy blow, like being hit with a sniper rifle. Good add on by Bungie. It only lasts for 1 second

15) Personal Shields can be destroyed by being run over by a warthog. They look good too. Bubble shields look better.

16) More to come for this

17) You can like in MP, turn around your dead body's camera or look at your co-op buddy's camera.

18) There was prob. at max 50-60 enemies on screen. But you only had about 4 marines. So nothing has changed SO FAR here. (enemies are more abundant though.)

19) Weather Effects where steller

20) Punching Marines in the back wont always work. Frankie aimed at the neck when he could not jump the bridge, and it never hit him. AI can not jump a 4 foot jump to the other side of the bridge. Very sad

21) Animations were very good for the video game world, but the arbiter's jumping has not changed from halo 2 to much, and still looks kind of cheesy. He does look sexy though. MC has better animations for crouching.

22) Keys calls in on the inter calm and says (after you see the Forerunner ship) that she tried to get a hold of you, and glad that she can get you now. Sarge tells her something, and then she says it looks like they dug up a forerunner structure. We can only assume that is the ark. Thats exactly what she said.

23)Wraith AI for Heroic is kind of sad. Reminds me of Normal difficulty. it should not try to get that close to you. Maybe its scripted? Wraith looks amazing. The game is still really, really good. Best for sure out on the market.

EDIT: Its not that bad now that I think of it. Frankie and Luke Flanked it. (Luke did really.) So it never stood a chance.

24) You drop any duel wielding when you deploy the equipment. You also have an animation for it now.

25)Fuel Rod is just like in halo 2, only no following abilities. It kind of sucks ONLY because a Brute cheifton fired frankie with it once, then 2 times at the ground, and his shields where only 3/4 damaged. They fire like every second. They still stand still. *really frustrates me.*

EDIT: Its still a good gun though. I would use it over, say the AR. I think it requires more skill then the RL.

26) Brutes can go berserk, bet it is better looking. Odd looking boarding on the back of a gunner animation for them too.

Overall impressions are very good. I wanted to pick at a few things to show that the game is not perfect, but it is dang close! It has a lot of good elements with it, and it was deff.. worth waiting in line for just to see it! I am a tough person when it comes to games, so the fact that there is way more positive things to say then negative says even more. Like I said, Bungie knows what there doing, and there doing it just fine.

En resumen:

- La mejor iluminación jamás vista en un videojuego, mejor que Crysis según esta opinión
- Animaciones realmente buenas, si le disparas a la cabeza a un enemigo no se mueve entero hacia atrás, primero lo hace la cabeza
- La IA está muy currada
- El agua es espectacular, los reflejos impresionantes, y bajo el agua tienes visión acuática
- El cielo es el mejor visto en un videojuego hasta la fecha
- El Warthog se ve impresionante, ahora si parece de "next gen"
- Idem para los árboles, los han mejorado mucho y ya tienen un aspecto a la altura
- Los efectos de partículas son brutales

Dice que Halo 3 se ve mejor que Gears of War. Incluso se permite hacer una alusión a Crysis, diciendo que los efectos de iluminación en Halo 3 son mejores que los de Crysis. Dice que el agua es impresionante, que los modelados tanto de los vehículos como el de los humanos es mejor que en GoW, que las animaciones son buenas, efectos de particulas impresionantes, ha llegado a contar un número de unos 50-60 enemigos en pantalla... y que, en resumidas cuentas, el juego parece next-gen.

En pocas palabras IMPRESIONANTE.



Una iluminación increible y todo va como la seda (no es nada fotorrealista, es halo, es la galaxia, pero tiene graficazos que te cagas).

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Miembro Activo
Todo un juegazo, los graficos cada vez son mejores y ya los datos que da IGN me hacen tener mas ganas a este juego.

PD: Ya tengo reservada mi ed. de colecionista :D
la moto, el warlhog atropeyando a los drunes, los escenarios realmente inmensos, la iluminación una puta pasada, me falta ver el puto agua de los cogenes (el efecto agua mejor creado hasta la fecha, según dicen los que lo han podido ver), no se pero este juego es inmenso, la que vamos a liar en el coop a 4 en la máxima dificultad.

Esta noche me acuesto con más ganas que nunca de que sea ya 26 de septiembre.

Este video es de la beta, así que no preocuparos mejorará, pero os lo quiero enseñar `para que veáis que vehículo manejarémos en el multi, nada más os digo que cabe un 4x4, dos quads y una decena de hombres, esto me hace pensar que habrá más de un mapa enorme

GameVideos.com - Leaked: Halo 3 'Elephant' gameplay

y si alguien quiere ponerse este gif, es el efecto del agua de halo 3, fijaos como flota y como se lo lleva el agua, eso sí, es la beta, sigo deseando ver al agua en el juego final