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Noticias Ut3

Será cooperativo de hasta cuatro jugadores y pantalla dividida para la versión de la 360

Información de la OXM

In the preview, Epic Games’ Steven Polge, the lead designer of Unreal Tournament 3, confirms that the Xbox 360 version of the game will support four-player co-op and two-player split-screen in the single-player campaign, which will let you take different paths depending on the decisions you take.

The preview also revealed that Unreal Tournament 3 will feature 18 vehicles and 5 types of turrets. Epic also promises “zero-time to spectacle” thanks to the hoverboard (two of them being linked to a Manta in the picture below).

Regarding the controls, Polge revealed that they are so good that half the people who work on the game prefer to play the Xbox 360 version. Furthermore, the guy responsible for the controls has stepped in playtest sessions, where everyone was on keyboards, and with a controller he kicked everyone’s butt.
Que buena pinta tiene la verdad, pero con esos gráficos durará 6 horas como el Gears of War o lo harán más largo????