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La demo de PGR 4 en proceso de certificación

La demo se encuentra en proceso de certificacion

The Project Gotham Racing 4 demo is done and currently worming its way through Microsoft's certification process.

Speaking at a press event at Bizarre Creations' offices in Liverpool, the developer said the demo would be released around the same time as the game - in their words, "it's just waiting for a slot".

In terms of its content, we'll be taking a look a bit later, but it's quite substantial, with Nurburgring and a few Arcade mode chapters amongst the treats in store.

File-size and exact download date are still to be confirmed, so keep your eyes on Bizarre's website for more details.

And yes, Nurburgring does look absolutely sick when it's covered in snow. Yay!

PGR4 is due out exclusively on Xbox 360 on 12th October.
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