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JADE EMPIRE 2: Ya es una realidad.


Nuevo Miembro
Con esta magnifica noticia nos recibe N4G, en la cual se nos anuncia que la secuela de uno de los grandes RPG´s de Xbox, ya es una realidad para la blanquita de Microsoft.

De momento os dejo el anuncio de la noticia en N4G:

A small but interesting scoop: Jade Empire 2 is coming

Here’s an opportunity for BioWare to get it right and for all of you fans out there to rejoice. Rumors have been swirling about the possibility of a sequel to BioWare’s Xbox hit, “Jade Empire.” For years, people have predicted it would come and Ray Muzyka, co-CEO of BioWare, even spilled the beans of something coming back in 2005. But I talked with someone who saw code for Jade Empire 2. It’s coming for the Xbox 360, and it’s real. It’s not much as far as scoops go, but I’m on vacation. What do you expect? Happy New Year.Jade Empire was BioWare’s second big game for the Xbox, following the exclusive Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic title in 2003. It will be interesting to see if Jade Empire 2 will remain an exclusive for the Xbox 360, now that Electronic Arts has agreed to acquire BioWare/Pandemic.

N4G.com : A small but interesting scoop: Jade Empire 2 is coming

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