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Halo podria salir para DS


Nuevo Miembro
Parece que los de IGN tienen claro que el proyecto de HALO para la DS es real

It’s a very cool listen - if you want to look for this it takes place a little bit after the half-hour mark. IGN sounds very intent on really showing the naysayers that Halo for the DS is, or at least was, a real playable game in the vain of Metroid Prime Hunters with pseudo-X-Box-one visuals.

Casamassina cited Microsoft as the most likely reason that the project didn’t see the light of day, but it should be intriguing to see what comes up when IGN publishes some info on the fabled DS shooter within the next week or so. Keep an eye on IGN’s DS page after the weekend.

Fuente: Maxconsole