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[E3 07]: Trailer Halo 3

Poco o nada se sabia del modo un jugador de Halo 3 pero en la conferencia del E3 de Microsoft se ha desvelado este vídeo donde nos podremos hacer una idea de lo que nos encontremos.



Nuevo Miembro
pues n se xk sera, pero n me convence del todo el video...
la captura del brute con esa granada protectora me parece tremenda, creo que está claro que este juego no es el exponente gráfico altual, pero tiene que ser un juego increiblemente divertido, currado, igualado, dará muchísimo juego por el live, los garrapateros serán invencibles. Sólo espero que no tenga bugs, chetos ni lag porfa.


Nuevo Miembro
los graficos estan bien, pero son tipo, san andreas, n se si me entendeis, tipo dibujos, cojiendo siempre como comparativa a gears, me parece diferente?


Nuevo Miembro
aver majestic n digo k sean como el san andreas, sino k son tipo dibujo, n se n me dan sensacion de realidad, esk n se como esplicartelo
aver majestic n digo k sean como el san andreas, sino k son tipo dibujo, n se n me dan sensacion de realidad, esk n se como esplicartelo
Te refieres a que no es fotorrealista, pues no, no demasiado. Eso sí, está guapísimo, además así tiene un toque más extraterrestre que si fuera fotorrealista, a mi cada vez me gusta más el halo, el agua será impresionante.
mas o menos... vamos k yo me esperava unos graficos de infarto y n es asi
pues a mi me pasa lo contrario, me encantan los colores, estaba ya un poco puff, de los gráficos grisaceos tipo gears, unreal, killzone, aunque sigo pensando que el gears por ahora se mantiene imbatible.

Tiene una paleta de colores menos fotorrealistas, pero crean entornos fabulosos y diferentes. La luz al parecer está muy currada y el agua será increible, en alguna imagen ya se puede apreciar algo.
Halo tampoco es que Halo sea lo que es por el fotorealismo, siempre ha sido muy colorido con lucecitas y todo eso asi que fotorealismo mucho no hay xD

Tienen que mejorar la armadura que me da sensacion de plastico, aunque ahora ke lo pienso no la voy a ver mucho siendo un fps xD
Pues a mi me parece genial el vídeo y ya ni decir las imágenes. Gráficos increíbles, en una de las imagenes que aparece en primer plano el jefe Maestro y al fondo unos compañeros, estos me parecen igual que si fuera una foto. Un saludo.

Pedri 360

Uno mas de la familia.
Yo si que veo graficos de infarto,sera que me e tirado 2 semanas con la Xbox 1 y ahora alucino con todo?Sera eso xD
Pues para mi hay que mejorar 3 cosas:

- Armadura: la textura que tiene parece que sea de plastico...

- Agua: en la Beta se veia de lujo, porque ahi se ve tan falsa?

- Arboles: son de carton piedra xD
Material sobre el video: primero unas imagenes en HD de Halo que demuestra un potencial grafico tremendo (Sobretodo texturas e iluminacion)

En la primera la cara de los peones es acojonante, la textura del suelo de 10 y los arboles y sus hojas igual, la armadura de maravilla aunque pueden mejorar alguna textura de ella

- Segundo: Sacado de los foros de Bungie curiosidades del video:

I found a new armor type possibly a playable brute and 1:32

Most of you found a new 'nade type at 0:50

New equipment (possibly radar jammer, falls off brute body)at 0:49

Elite in background (you can only see from the chest down) and guilty spark at 1:08

Ring type thing aroud Earth it almost look holographic or its a new Halo at 1:24

Brute hammer at 1:10

Fuel rod at 1:14

Empty bullet slots fade then turn red 0:47

Carrier hog at 1:38

UNSC worker at 0:38

Phantoms now destroyable at 0:51

New barricades and bugs can pick up Marines at 0:58

Prophet hologram at 1:14

New weapon in Arbys hands at 1:44

Flood brute you can see it here http://www.bungie.net/images/Games/Halo3/Screenshots/H3_E307_3P05.jpg

Look next to the pelican on the land mass, looks like its forerunner marks or mabey its just a city grid at 1:28

Mount Kilamanjaro at 1:33

MAC guns at 1:08

Look closely at the left side of MC and you will see red legs of an elite at 1:16

Coveneant leaving Earth at 1:51

Earth being glassed at 0:21

Sarge fighting a brute at 0:14

More new equipment look under the grenades. http://img54.imageshack.us/my.php?image=jacklezh7.jpg

Cheif on high charity? spores in background http://i141.photobucket.com/albums/r50/cidhighwind767/3.jpg
Y para mi la mejor noticia: Segun Ign y 1up quedaron sorprendidos al ver el trailer que mostraron de Halo 3 ya que ellos habian provado una Demo del juego donde se veia muchisimo mejor que en el video:


Well, E3 is officially here, and the first big night kicked off with a solid showing by Microsoft at their press conference, where they made some moderately big announcements before finishing the evening with a brand new Halo 3 trailer that showcased some of the game's single-player moments. Once the event ended, the majority of the journalists on hand streamed into the warm Santa Monica night, heading back to their hotel rooms to write up what they saw. However, for a lucky handful the night was not over... it was just beginning. We strolled down the street to The Viceroy hotel, where Microsoft is showing off many of the year's most anticipated titles behind closed doors, then proceeded to bum-rush said doors to get a glimpse of what the company has in store for the holiday season.

The first game on my plate? Halo 3, naturally! As I headed into the room where Bungie's Frank O'Connor and Brian Jarrard were waiting, my fingers were crossed with the hope that I'd be seeing some single-player action. Not only did I get to see the campaign being played, I actually got to check out a sizable chunk of the game's first level. Before the action began, we found ourselves in the "Campaign Lobby" where players will be able to set up the game, selecting both the levels and the individual segments that make them up. All of the game's modes will start in a lobby of sorts, be it Campaign, Theater, or Multiplayer.

After a brief loading screen (during which particles come together to form a halo), we were thrown into the game's first level, which will be called Sierra 117. Jarrard was playing on the Heroic difficulty, starting at what was being referred to as "Rally Point Alpha." We were told that the part we were seeing was actually about a third of the way into the level, as they didn't want to ruin the opening for us. What we did notice right off the bat was the fact that while we were playing as Master Chief, our old buddy the Arbiter was fighting right alongside us and had a green arrow above his head that allowed us to spot him at any time. We asked Frankie about the, ahem, possibility of playing with a friend who was controlling the Arbiter, and he mentioned that, yes, that sure would be cool. Damn you Frankie!

If you've got any qualms about the visual fidelity of the single-player game, let's just put those to rest right off the bat. The segment we saw took place in a lush forest, where tall trees cut off a good deal of the sunlight and moss grew on just about every available surface. The foliage and textures looked excellent, as did the "god rays" that beamed down through gaps in the canopy. We came upon a number of napping Grunts, and Jarrard quickly and quietly beat them to death with the butt of his Battle Rifle (this was the starting weapon in this demo, with the pistol acting as the player's secondary weapon).

Of course, sneaking around isn't really necessary when you're 7 foot hulk in some badass armor, so Jarrard decided to have a little fun by capping the nearest grunt from a few meters away. Suddenly, gunfire erupted from all around, as the rest of the Grunt, Jackals, and Brutes leapt into action and began attacking Master Chief and his crew. The fighting was intense, so it was no surprise that we took a few hits. We noticed that when Master Chief is hit by enemy fire, his shield briefly comes into view as a grid pattern before disappearing as it recharges.

Another thing that we noticed (it was pretty much impossible not to) was the amount of battlefield chatter going on around us. The Grunts and Jackals were obviously afraid, screaming in terror as "the demon" came for them. The Arbiter gave some instructions as we progressed through the level, offering Master Chief advice on how to best decimate the enemy's ranks (Grenades? Oh, you think so, doctor?). The best chatter, however, came from the UNSC guys, who threw out classics like "Killing time, you punks!" and "We're gonna send you back to Planet Jackass, Jackass!" Sure, the battlefield banter is totally ridiculous, but it's also awesome.

After battle our way through literally dozens of Grunts and Jackals, we headed through a cave strewn with red flares to a riverbank, where a Pelican dropship fired on Covenant ground troops. The battle intensified, as Master Chief and The Arbiter had to fight off several Brutes. Suddenly, a Phantom appeared from between the trees, firing its plasma bolts at the Pelican, which crashed somewhere over a nearby ridge. Master Chief ran up to a nearby mounted chain gun, grabbing it and yanking it off of its moorings. The action then switched to third-person (just as it did during the multiplayer demo), and Master Chief blasted away until the Phantom finally hightailed it out of the battle zone.

With that, our all-too-brief Halo 3 single-player demo ended, and the lights were brought up. Nearly everyone in attendance agreed that this was the footage that Microsoft should have closed the press conference with, as it surely would have impressed just about everyone in attendance. The game is definitely shaping up nicely, and the single-player campaign looks much better than the multiplayer. We'll be bringing you more information on Halo 3 later this afternoon, as we'll be checking out some different elements during our E3 meeting with Microsoft.

Thanks to Will Tuttle from TeamXbox for sharing his impressions of the Halo 3 single-player demo. Look for more Halo 3 impressions from IGN soon, and be sure to check out TeamXbox for all of their detailed E3 2007 previews.
Eso es bueno, a ver como se ve al final y podemos callar a los que están pesaditos con el Killzone ¬¬
NO SE ven las imagenes God, que más da que killzone 2 tenga mejores gráficos que halo 3? el juegazo que será halo 3 no lo tendrá la play 3 hasta pasado un tiempo, o quizás nunca. Si hablamos exclusivamente de gráficos, la batalla está servida, killzone 2- gearsofwar-granturismo5-pgr4-splintercellconviction-mgs4(muy decepcionado con la mierda de video que han presentado, este juego si que será una grán decepción para los sonyers)-alan wake y call of duty 4, a corto plazo creo que estos son los exponentes gráficos de las consolas. La gente lo flipa con killzone 2 y la verdad no lo entiendo, si nosotros llevamos con el gears un año, que se creen los sonyers?, andan diciendo por ahí que si mejor que halo que si le da diezmil patadas, etc, se les ha subido el hype en este e3, cuando la que verdadéramente ha mostrado más juegazos es MS, eso si no ha hecho nada en plan espectacular y videos cutrecillos, pero los juegos están ahí, ya los cataremos, jeje.

Lo del video de halo es cierto, los de ign que han probado el juego han dicho que ese video no es de la version final del juego, que ésta tiene mejores gráficos. Entre esto que y que el video de Killlzone 2 es muy engañoso, veremos al final a ver si halo se merienda gráficamente al killzone y todo. Por cierto cuando sale el killzone 2? porque si sale el año que viene lo compararemos con alan wake, etc. que el gears lo comparaban los sonyers con un video de MGS4, y decian que éste último era mejor, todavía no he visto este juego en las tiendas.
No se ven? bueno las imagenes ya estan el la pag 1 son la del jefe disparando a unos peones y la que está con el profeta pero mas grandes...

La diferencia entre Killzone y Halo ha sido que unos se han sabido vender y otros no, los de Guerrilla al trailer tambien le han metido escenas de videos bien disimuladas para que aumente el hype y los de Bungie han presentado un mierda trailer de la version inacabada con fisicas del Halo 2(cuando el brute le mete la patada al comandante) y con modelados del 2 (la tia que sale entre dos brutes si no me equivoco) sabiendo que el verdadero modo campaña se ve muchisimo mejor, porque en ese trailer hay cosas que la beta ya supera...