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Disponible demo Americas Army: True Soldiers (Bazar americano)

Otro dia y otra demo, esta vez solo en el bazar americano.
La demo ocupa 535 MB
Para los amantes de los shooter, deberia ser una descarga obligada

Demo: Americas Army: True Soldiers
Content: Americas Army: True Soldiers Demo
Price: Free
Availability: United States
Dash Text: [ESRB: T (Teen) BLOOD,VIOLENCE] Play the Xbox 360 debut of the only Official U.S. Army game. America’s Army: True Soldiers - Created by Soldiers, Developed by Gamers, Tested by Heroes. Team up with up to 15 other players to take on the enemy forces that have occupied the Coastal Village in a dynamic Co-Op mission or play an 8 on 8 Squad Engagement match vs. another team of highly trained soldiers. Use the real High-Tech gear that the U.S. Army uses in the field today, equipment such as the Blue Force Tracker or the Raven UAV. Opt-In as a Squad Leader to gain the ability to call in an Artillery barrage or turn the heat up a notch by enabling the ‘True Soldier’ mode.
Size: 535.46 MB
Demo: Americas Army: True Soldiers - Xbox Live's Major Nelson